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Welcome to Hillcrest Collegiate

While Hillcrest Collegiate is serious about educating our students, we also believe that the learning process should be fun, and we teach our children in a way that stimulates and engages them. We cater to the different and individual learning styles that the students have and make use of a lot visual and verbal learning as well as written tasks. The progress of the students is monitored on a continuous basis throughout the terms so that any barriers to learning can be identified and the necessary strategies can be implemented. The students are also able to work at their own pace because the classes are small, and the individualised attention and support is present. The vision and mission of every teacher is for every student to grow in confidence academically and personally and achieve success

What we offer

We provide a quality academic programme that is designed to stimulate and engage students. The academic programme is the National Senior Certificate and is moderated by the SACAI moderation board.


Learners take four compulsory subjects and can choose three additional subjects:

Distance Learning

Due to Covid-19 we have accelareted our distance learning platform and is now available for purchase.


Our history

At Hillcrest Collegiate, we believe that every child is a unique individual and is a masterpiece in progress. We endeavour to educate learners in a way they can understand and comprehend the academic content, and in this way achieve academic success.

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Hillcrest Collegiate Private School provides a quality academic programme that is designed to stimulate and engage students. The academic programme is the National Senior Certificate and is moderated by the SACAI monitoring body.

SACAI’s role includes:

  • Moderation and approval of question papers
  • Verification of the moderation of internal assessments
  • Monitoring of the conduct of exams
  • Monitoring of the marking process
  • Verification of marking Standardisation of the results


Career Guidance

Hillcrest Collegiate providing subject choice and career guidance assessments to guide our learners in their vocational abilities and pathways.

It is so important for students to understand their strengths & abilities and what professions will be best suited to their profile – these assessments guide this process from Grade 9 subject choice to tertiary education applications.

Assessments that we use enable us to take into consideration the personality profile of the individual, and combine it with the person’s skills, abilities, likes and dislikes.  These tools guide us in exploring careers that suit each individual person.


Extra Lessons

The teachers of Hillcrest Collegiate offers extramural lessons for Mathematics, English and Afrikaans and other subjects as required.

These lessons are provided by experienced teachers who are familiar with the requirements of the National Curriculum and are best suited to assist in the learning process.

Each student is assessed by the subject teacher to ascertain the areas in the curriculum that need teaching support and improvement and plans are put in place to reach specific goals. 

The necessary measures are taken to skill the students in those areas, as well as cover other all other bases of the subject curriculum.

Why choose us?

One of the top SACAI schools placed 3rd in South Africa.

Teachers Live Support

Result Oriented Education

We have a number of proven teaching techniques.

A number of our teachers have worked in the business sector and with real life experience are able to impart their knowledge to our learners.

Passed Pupils

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